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  • No matter how safe you are, you shouldn't leave your auto unprotected. Here’s help protecting your auto at money-saving rates!

  • House? Condo? Mobile home? Apartment? No matter which you call “home,” you have access to special discounts to save on your coverage.

  • Pet Insurance from Petsecure can help you prepare the costs of the unexpected veterinary care, as well as annual treatments your pet requires. 

  • Helps you avoid the financial strain a major illness can cause so you can ease your worries and concentrate on getting well.

  • Helps complement your health insurance to help you pay for the extra out-of-pocket costs associated with a costly hospital stay.

Program Advantages

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    Premiums that may be lower than those you can find on your own1
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    Access to the expertise of a licensed insurance broker from Marsh Canada Limited (Marsh Canada)
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    You may choose the benefits that fit your needs
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    When you leave or retire from Accenture, your coverage will continue until the time of the policy renewal2


Note: Accenture is not the plan sponsor of these programs and does not control the terms of the contract that a person may enter with a particular provider. However, Accenture makes available these discounted offerings to Accenture employees, as administered by the third party providers.


1Individual savings may vary and are not guaranteed.
2At renewal, your Marsh Canada licensed broker can assist you with finding replacement coverage.